Francis Ford Coppola Quotes & Sayings (Page 11)

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Francis Ford Coppola quotes and sayings page 11 (85 year old director). Here's quote # 101 through 110 out of the 111 we have for him.

Francis Ford Coppola Quotes
“I was a pretty shy, lonely kid. I blossomed about age 17, when I went to college.”
Francis Ford Coppola Quotes
“I was never sloppy with other people's money. Only my own. Because I figure, well, you can be.”
Francis Ford Coppola Quotes
“I'm no longer dependent on the movie business to make a living. So if I want to make movies as other old guys would play golf, I can.”
“I've been offered lots of movies. There's always some actor who's doing a project and would like to have me do it. But you look at the project and think, 'Gee, there are a lot of good directors who could do that.' I'd like to do something only I can do.”
“My family were symphonic musicians and in the opera. Also, it was my era, the love of radio. We used to listen to the radio at night, close our eyes and see movies far more beautiful than you can photograph.”
Francis Ford Coppola Quotes
“They needed someone to write a script of The Great Gatsby very quickly for the movie they were making. I took this job so I'd be sure to have some dough to support my family.”
Francis Ford Coppola Quotes
“I had an older brother who was very interested in literature, so I had an early exposure to literature, and and theater. My father sometimes would work in musical comedies.”
“I live near San Francisco in the most beautiful spot on earth and enjoy myself in many ways. Yes, I love to work, which for now is to think and read and write, so it's all a dream come true.”
“I wanted to be a film student again, as a man in my 60s. To go someplace alone and see what you can cook up, with non-existent budgets. I didn't want to be surrounded by comforts and colleagues, which you have when when you're a big time director. I wanted to write personal works.”
“My big goal in life was always to figure out how I can make a lot of money so I can go off and make films irrespective of the opinion of the three or four critics who seem to rule the roost.”

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