Howard Graham Buffett Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Howard Graham Buffett quotes and sayings page 2 (businessman). These are the last 8 out of 18 quotes we have.

Howard Graham Buffett Quotes
“I have spent more than a decade trying to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people on earth, and they've taught me countless lessons.”
Howard Graham Buffett Quotes
“People are hungry not because there aren't enough farmers or food, but because they don't have access to it or can't afford it.”
Howard Graham Buffett Quotes
“Sometimes, the things we think are so simple but not so easy to grasp are the things that work the best.”
Howard Graham Buffett Quotes
“We've learned that project by project, you can't change millions and millions of lives.”
Howard Graham Buffett Quotes
“You can't just stick with something that doesn't work.”
“Let me tell you about a place where technology won't work. When you walk onto a farm and are standing on soil, there is no technology that is going to take that soil and transform it into something that is five times more productive.”
“The whole concept behind 'Forty Chances' is really a mindset: If everybody thought they had to put themselves out of business in 40 years, you had 40 chances to succeed in what your primary goals are, you would probably be more urgent and you would be forced to change quicker.”
Howard Graham Buffett Quotes
“Immigration reform doesn't impact me personally; nothing my foundation works on does. But the truth is I have a long history of ties to Latin America. Some of my best friends are in Latin America.”

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