Debra Monk Quotes & Sayings

3 most famous Debra Monk quotes and sayings. She's a 69 year old American actress born on Feb 14, 1949.

Debra Monk Quotes
“My family were really hard-working, blue-collar people, and I didn't know the idea or concept of working and having fun. I thought you just worked and made money to support your family.”
Debra Monk Quotes
“I really wait for the job to come. Whatever job comes up, I just want to keep working. The jobs don't always come, so you take whatever is available and hope it's a good one.”
“I was never an actress in high school. I didn't start acting until I was in my twenties. I was just a funny cheerleader. I hadn't even seen a show until I was in my twenties, so I was very late getting into the business.”

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