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19 most famous Jacquelyn Jablonski quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 26 year old American model born on Apr 4, 1992.

“I'm boyish with a feminine twist. I definitely gravitate toward oversized things like shirts and jackets. I like a good trouser, but then I might mix it up with something more feminine, like a pointy boot or pumps.”
“I also want to try acting - give it a shot - maybe take some lessons, I think that could be fun. I feel like that could even help me with modeling, because in a way you have to act.”
“I love carrot cake - that's probably my favorite - and I'm obsessed with peanut butter. I eat anything with peanut butter - maybe not carrot cake with peanut butter - but, I think I got this from 'The Parent Trap': Oreos and peanut butter; I like that. And peanut butter and apples, peanut butter and chocolate.”
“My brother was diagnosed with autism at age 2. At the time, I was young, so I didn't really understand what it all meant. The doctors thought there was a possibility my brother wouldn't be able to speak - he was diagnosed on the severe end of the spectrum.”
Jacquelyn Jablonski Quotes
“As long as I'm not living out of a suitcase, I'm happy.”
Jacquelyn Jablonski Quotes
“Comfort is definitely important to me, especially when I'm running around.”
Jacquelyn Jablonski Quotes
“I always love going to Paris, and now I feel like I know it really well.”
Jacquelyn Jablonski Quotes
“I do love editorials - you're free to do whatever you want and portray a different character.”
Jacquelyn Jablonski Quotes
“When I was in Turks & Caicos, a bug jumped out of my room service menu. That kind of freaked me out.”
Jacquelyn Jablonski Quotes
“I like Pantene shampoo and conditioner because my hair is so straight, and I find it gives me a little lift.”

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