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5 most famous Paul Sadler quotes and sayings (politician).

Paul Sadler Quotes
“Like most Americans, I feel disgusted when we see people make decisions based on party politics rather than a solution that is best for the country.”
Paul Sadler Quotes
“Some candidates can sit in an office for 10 hours a day asking for money. That's just not who I am.”
Paul Sadler Quotes
“Ultimately, you change the culture in Washington only one way, and it's one election at a time, with the character of the people you send.”
“I went to Washington several times at the request of different parties to talk about education reform. I used to always say I felt like I needed to take a shower after I left, because it was so partisan that I just really hated it.”
Paul Sadler Quotes
“The truth is we need to build an economy going forward with all of us, when we all move forward and the payment of a national debt is not the responsibility of one group of Americans versus another.”

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