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7 most famous Jack McDevitt quotes and sayings (writer).

“Thanks to the comic book publishers. Batman and Captain Marvel were responsible for my learning to read at least a year before I showed up at school. They got me interested in writing. Started my first novel at about eight. The title: 'The Canals of Mars.'”
Jack McDevitt Quotes
“I was once invited to attend a private dinner for Senator John F. Kennedy. But it was a Saturday evening, and I passed. Had better things to do.”
Jack McDevitt Quotes
“I've tried to quit writing several times, but I enjoy it too much.”
Jack McDevitt Quotes
“One SF prediction that I would like very much to see: Get solar collectors launched to beam energy back home, and get away from fossil fuels.”
Jack McDevitt Quotes
“Science fiction writers missed the most salient feature of our modern era: the Internet.”
Jack McDevitt Quotes
“When I was teaching English and trying to get kids passionate about reading, the most effective weapon I had was 'The Martian Chronicles.'”
“My father used to take me to the movies on Saturdays. In 1940, when I was four years old, we encountered 'Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe.' I loved it. Especially the rocket ship, which I later realized had no airlock and no washroom. But they managed to get to Mongo with it.”

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