Jesse McCartney Quotes & Sayings

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35 most famous Jesse McCartney quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 35 year old American musician born on Apr 9, 1987.

“I love a girl that can make me laugh. I am not really a laugh-at-things type of guy and I don't smile and laugh all the time... But if a girl can make me laugh... I'm in love!!!!”
Jesse McCartney Quotes
“If you really want it, you need to really work for it.”
“All I watch is the Food Network. I took a cheesemaking class a few weeks ago, and I told my family and friends to only get me kitchen stuff on my birthday. I'm into every kind of cookbook and anything by Anthony Bourdain. I'd love to own a restaurant if I could find the right chef.”
“The first record I ever listened to was Elvis Presley, and I remember thinking, 'Man this guy is cool!' The swagger he had really helped my confidence, because he really made me think that a white boy could make music like this.”
Jesse McCartney Quotes
“I like to smile when its natural. I'm not mad or anything. That's my style.”
“I'm not a phony-friendly guy and I'm usually very quiet and not a big laugher, so some people might take that for rudeness and being mean. If anyone ever got that impression, I apologize. I love all my fans and really appreciate all their support!”
Jesse McCartney Quotes
“When you're a 'product' for a lot of people, they're only really after one thing, and so it's hard to completely let down your guard.”
“Bono is my inspiration - not only as a rock star but as a humanitarian. We aren't just put on this earth to sell records. Maybe it's because of my upbringing, but I do consider myself a moral guy.”
Jesse McCartney Quotes
“I still bite my nails.”
“I don't wanna say I have a temper... but I do! I kind of sulk and sit there when I'm bitter. I won't show you, but you can see it. Probably if you bring me Godiva chocolate, I'll be your friend again!”

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