Katherine LaNasa Quotes & Sayings

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4 most famous Katherine LaNasa quotes and sayings. She's a 55 year old American actress born on Dec 1, 1966.

Katherine LaNasa Quotes
“I love Louisiana, and I love being from there.”
“I personally like to hang out with people; if I'm playing their mom, I'd like to go have lunch with the kid, and I want to try to spend as much time with people that I can while we are working together if we're supposed to have a familiar relationship with them, because I think it reads.”
“Sometimes you can just not spend that much money or do a minor change with color on a certain room, and it just can open up and brings people a lot of joy. They can go from hating a room or hating a house to loving it.”
Katherine LaNasa Quotes
“When I first met Robert Patrick, I died - he is so scary looking - he is a scary looking man.”

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