Malcolm Fraser Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Malcolm Fraser quotes and sayings page 2 (politician). These are the last 5 out of 15 quotes we have.

Malcolm Fraser Quotes
“Maoris now own over half the commercial fishing industry in New Zealand.”
Malcolm Fraser Quotes
“We are lagging far behind comparable countries in overcoming the disadvantages Indigenous people face.”
Malcolm Fraser Quotes
“Yet there are thousands of Indigenous people searching for family members.”
“Health economists have estimated that an injection of $250 million per year in Indigenous clinical care, and $50 million in preventative care, is required to provide services at the same level as for any other group with the health conditions of Indigenous Australians.”
“Three years ago the Government announced the creation of Reconciliation Place, and said that it would include a memorial to those removed from their families. However, they refused to include any of those who were removed in the design of their own memorial.”

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