Richard Chamberlain Quotes & Sayings

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8 most famous Richard Chamberlain quotes and sayings. He's an 88 year old American actor born on Mar 31, 1934.

Richard Chamberlain Quotes
“'Handsome' means many things to many people. If people consider me handsome, I feel flattered - and have my parents to thank for it. Realistically, it doesn't hurt to be good-looking, especially in this business.”
Richard Chamberlain Quotes
“I suppose everyone tells little white lies. Quite often they're necessary to make someone feel better or prevent feelings from being hurt. Whoppers? No, that's dangerous and they'll boomerang.”
“I pattern my actions and life after what I want. No two people are alike. You might admire attributes in others, but use these only as a guide in improving yourself in your own unique way. I don't go for carbon copies. Individualism is sacred!”
Richard Chamberlain Quotes
“I actually feel sorry for people who have a lot of illusions in their head about what gay is. I mean, I know some gay people who are really wonderful people.”
“I've learned, I think, to be able to distinguish between the necessary and the unnecessary as far as my limited outside time is concerned. Saying 'no' politely is a necessity if one wants to lead any kind of stable life.”
Richard Chamberlain Quotes
“I consider myself a religious person. God is something very personal with me and I don't flaunt religion in conversation with others.”
Richard Chamberlain Quotes
“Nothing is secret once you tell anyone. If you want to keep it quiet - don't tell a soul.”
Richard Chamberlain Quotes
“Over a long period of time, living as if you were someone else is no fun.”

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