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Robert Pozen quotes and sayings page 2 (businessman). Here's quote # 11 through 20 out of the 22 we have.

Robert Pozen Quotes
“Priorities are the yearly goals that I'm most interested in achieving, then they become operationalized through weekly goals.”
“It's 5 P.M. at the office. Working fast, you've finished your tasks for the day and want to go home. But none of your colleagues have left yet, so you stay another hour or two, surfing the Web and reading your e-mails again, so you don't come off as a slacker. It's an unfortunate reality that efficiency often goes unrewarded in the workplace.”
“The classic problem as an entrepreneur is that they have a hard time delegating. But that's really crazy. Recruiting other executives is critical, so is dealing with customers and dealing with regulators. Those are functions that only the top founders can do.”
Robert Pozen Quotes
“You have various institutions like law firms and accounting firms which bill by the hour. I'm really against that. You have an incentive to go slowly, be there as long as possible, to over-research things and over-staff.”
“The quality of American patents has been deteriorating for years; they are increasingly issued for products and processes that are not truly innovative - things like the queuing system for Netflix, which was patented in 2003. Yes, it makes renting movies a snap, but was it really a breakthrough deserving patent protection?”
Robert Pozen Quotes
“The most important thing is to talk to people that have jobs that you might like and to see what they say the job involves.”
“America is the only major country that tries to ascertain who was the first applicant to invent the product or procedure. This may seem fair, but long proceedings to determine precisely when each party conceived an idea result mostly in keeping innovations from hitting the market.”
“The night before, go over your schedule and see what you're going to do and what the purpose of what you're doing is. I advocate having a two-column schedule. On the left, put down all your appointments and phone calls. On the right, put down what the purpose is.”
Robert Pozen Quotes
“I'm used to being productive, ever since I was young.”
Robert Pozen Quotes
“If you want an active schedule, you have to husband your time so you can act on the things that are important.”

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