Taylor Hawkins Quotes & Sayings (Page 3)

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Taylor Hawkins quotes and sayings page 3 (52 year old musician). These are the last 7 out of 27 quotes we have for him.

Taylor Hawkins Quotes
“Life is funny. If you don't laugh, you're in trouble.”
“I've been lucky enough to have fulfilled so many ambitions, and gone way past anything I ever thought I would do. I could never have imagined the career that I've had with the Foo Fighters - playing stadiums and having songs on the radio. It's amazing, and my goal is really just to carry on playing.”
“I only started playing piano because I had chickenpox when I was about 14 and wasn't allowed to play my drums for a whole week... We had a piano in the house, so I just sat down and played that instead.”
Taylor Hawkins Quotes
“I think that debut albums are supposed to sound sort of raw. You don't want to record 'Sgt. Pepper's' as your first album, because where do you go from there?”
“I used to dress like Roger Taylor when I was ten because I thought he was cool. In high school, I used to dress like Stephen Perkins from Jane's Addiction because I thought he was cool. You just want to be those guys when you're that age.”
Taylor Hawkins Quotes
“I've worked hard, but this business can be tough, and I just consider myself incredibly lucky to have had the career that I have, and to still be having so much fun playing drums and making music.”
Taylor Hawkins Quotes
“When I was a kid, of course I wanted to be the fastest, the loudest and the one with the biggest drum set, but obviously my aspirations have changed a bit since then.”

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