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144 most famous Trent Reznor quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 58 year old American musician born on May 17, 1965.

“I wanted to escape Small Town U.S.A. To dismiss the boundaries, to explore. My life experience came from watching movies, TV, and reading books and magazines. When your culture comes from watching TV everyday, you're bombarded with images of things that seem cool, places that seem interesting, people who have jobs and careers and opportunities.”
Trent Reznor Quotes
“And when the day arrives I'll become the sky and I'll become the sea and the sea will come to kiss me for I am going home. Nothing can stop me now.”
Trent Reznor Quotes
“Live interaction with a crowd is a cathartic, spiritual kind of exchange, and it's intensified at a festival.”
“I don't even know why I'm saying this in an interview situation, but I always feel like I'm not good enough for some reason. I wish that wasn't the case, but left to my own devices, that voice starts speaking up.”
Trent Reznor Quotes
“I found that when I was putting my own music out, with my Twitter feed as the pure marketing budget, I'm preaching to the choir.”
Trent Reznor Quotes
“I have been wildly enthused about gaming since I was younger, and a career path I chose not to go down but did really consider was getting into programming and game design.”
“In my life, I was always floating around the edge of the dark side and saying what if take it a little bit too far, and who says you have to stop there, and what's behind the next door. Maybe you gain a wisdom from examining those things. But after a while, you get too far down in the quicksand.”
“Though I still have no semblance of a life outside of Nine Inch Nails at the moment, I realize my goals have gone from getting a record deal or selling another record to being a better person, more well-rounded, having friends, having a relationship with somebody.”
Trent Reznor Quotes
“I really try to put myself in uncomfortable situations. Complacency is my enemy.”
Trent Reznor Quotes
“To me, rock music was never meant to be safe. I think there needs to be an element of intrigue, mystery, subversiveness. Your parents should hate it.”

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