Tyler Labine Quotes & Sayings

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7 most famous Tyler Labine quotes and sayings. He's a 45 year old Canadian actor born on Apr 30, 1978.

“I'm hoping that maybe I'll start getting a reputation for being a guy who can be pretty versatile. That's the challenge and the fun of being an actor. I love getting to play and do different things.”
Tyler Labine Quotes
“I thought I would be a teacher; I think my eventual goal was to be the principal of my old high school.”
“I spend a lot of time on TV doing the same sort of thing. I found a niche in TV where people are willing to steadily employ me to do this one thing, which I put spins on and change.”
Tyler Labine Quotes
“I'm 'That Guy.' That's what most people call me, and I'm fine with that.”
Tyler Labine Quotes
“I've made a career out of playing the id: the guy that says whatever pops into his head.”
“I think there's this new kind of character; it's a sidekick-slash-leading man role. People like Zach Galifianakis and Seth Rogen have been really successful in those roles. You don't have to be this square-jawed, chiseled, deep-voiced Superman; you can be funny and normal and put in the leading man category.”
Tyler Labine Quotes
“It's hard when you put a year of good work into something and someone at the top says no, and they pull your show's title off a bulletin board and chuck it in the trash.”

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