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“If you put yourself in a place where you're having to work at understanding something, then you keep yourself awake to all possible choices. How the body will look like in the future, the ethics of the body: those are questions that really fascinate me. Let's get the dialogue going.”
Wayne McGregor Quotes
“I like to practise. With every new piece, you make mistakes and you learn. So it's important to get on and have another go.”
Wayne McGregor Quotes
“My influences change all the time; they have to remain current, because they're the things that capture your imagination and make you want to go into the studio.”
Wayne McGregor Quotes
“Choreography and creativity - it's my matrix; let's see where we can move.”
“Dancers can get to see almost everything now. When I used to go into companies to make a piece, the dancers had hardly ever seen my work. Now they can watch it on YouTube. It means they're much faster at picking up material.”
“I always try to keep a little bit of space in the year to work with other people. Because I love doing musicals, films and plays - projects where I'm not in charge, where I've got somebody else telling me what to do and I have to work with their vision.”
“I think it's the responsibility of a major opera house not only to cultivate debate and get people thinking, but also to be interfaced with things that challenge them. To challenge its audience and not just deliver things that they know, even though some of those things are wonderful.”
Wayne McGregor Quotes
“I've always been just as interested in making people think as I am in making them feel, and one of the things this scientific process allows me to do is make the audience look differently at dance.”
Wayne McGregor Quotes
“Unlike a lot of choreographers, I don't always start with the music. I often start with a visual artist, and then find music that fits the world of that visual artist.”
Wayne McGregor Quotes
“I enjoy my work too much to force-feed myself with pressure.”

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