Wilfrid Laurier Quotes & Sayings

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19 most famous Wilfrid Laurier quotes and sayings (statesman). These are the first 10 quotes we have.

“Two races share today the soil of Canada. These people had not always been friends. But I hasten to say it. There is no longer any family here but the human family. It matters not the language people speak, or the altars at which they kneel.”
“I claim for Canada this, that in future Canada shall be at liberty to act or not act, to interfere or not interfere, to do just as she pleases, and that she shall reserve to herself the right to judge whether or not there is cause for her to act.”
Wilfrid Laurier Quotes
“Let them look to the past, but let them also look to the future; let them look to the land of their ancestors, but let them look also to the land of their children.”
“I have been represented as a Protestant minister; there was not one of the canvassers of the honourable gentlemen opposite that did not represent to the people that I was not a Minister of the Crown, but that I was a Protestant minister.”
Wilfrid Laurier Quotes
“Fraternity without absorption, union without fusion.”
“Confederation is a compact, made originally by four provinces but adhered to by all the nine provinces who have entered it, and I submit to the judgment of this house and to the best consideration of its members, that this compact should not be lightly altered.”
“I am a subject of the British Crown, but whenever I have to choose between the interests of England and Canada it is manifest to me that the interests of my country are identical with those of the United States of America.”
Wilfrid Laurier Quotes
“It would be simply suicidal to French Canadians to form a party by themselves.”
Wilfrid Laurier Quotes
“He is ready, if the occasion presents itself, to throw the whole English population in the St. Lawrence.”
Wilfrid Laurier Quotes
“If I were not French I would choose to be - Scotch.”

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