Yvonne Craig Quotes & Sayings

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4 most famous Yvonne Craig quotes and sayings. She was an American actress who passed away on 17 August, 2015.

Yvonne Craig Quotes
“I have had strange animals as pets all my life. I was shy growing up, and shy people tend to interact better with animals than people. Animals are direct, not duplicitous.”
Yvonne Craig Quotes
“Everybody in their own imagination decides what scary is.”
“When you are doing a show, it can get really dull. You are sitting so long while they set up the lights, then you say a couple of lines, then they tear down the lights again. At least stunts are something that uses your physical energy a great deal.”
Yvonne Craig Quotes
“I haven't collected memorabilia. I am not a person who lives in the past.”

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