Candice Olson Quotes & Sayings (Page 4)

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Candice Olson quotes and sayings page 4 (designer). Here's quote # 31 through 40 out of the 42 we have for her.

Candice Olson Quotes
“The type of renovation I do most often is opening a kitchen to the family room.”
Candice Olson Quotes
“Why have one chandelier when you can have two?”
“A common mistake people make regarding dining rooms is to buy a matching set of table and chairs, which can be monotonous. I like to mix guest chairs in one style and head chairs in another for a more interesting, dynamic look.”
Candice Olson Quotes
“I know it can be difficult for parents, but I really do believe that kids need to play the predominant role in the choices that go into their own space.”
Candice Olson Quotes
“I love doing kitchen renovations where we're opening up the kitchen and creating open-concept main floors. I think that's one renovation that really changes the way people live in their homes.”
Candice Olson Quotes
“I never try to be the poster child for the perfect mother/wife... You prioritize, you do the best you can possibly do, and you don't beat yourself up.”
“I never want to hold myself up as the poster child of the successful mother-businesswoman. It's a total 'Gong Show.' I won't pretend. When you do so many things, something always suffers. You just can't be great at everything.”
“I simply adore getting dressed up for a special occasion. I feel incredible stepping out in luxurious fabrics and a bit of bling. That's also how I feel about special-occasion dining rooms. Because these aren't everyday spaces, they contain all sorts of drama for that once-in-a-while 'wow' event.”
“Sometimes living in a room that's badly designed isn't the worst thing in the world. Trust me - this is a fact! Living in a room that has no design whatsoever is even worse. I've learned this from my many clients over the years that have moved into new houses and just can't figure out where to begin.”
Candice Olson Quotes
“Strip makeup lights just don't give you a fighting chance no matter how good looking you are. Light sconces that flank the mirror illuminate your entire face evenly.”

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