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7 most famous Dan Pfeiffer quotes and sayings (public servant).

Dan Pfeiffer Quotes
“The most famous Obama precept is, 'No drama.'”
“As President Franklin Delano Roosevelt learned when he tried to pack the Supreme Court, the three branches of government are coequal for a reason. Neither the executive branch or the legislative branch should use the third branch to a pursue a partisan agenda.”
“The White House New Media team circulates multiple highlights each day of what people are looking for online - Twitter trending topics, popular Google searches, etc. - and it gives us a sense of what's breaking through, what isn't, and a sanity check for what the larger online population cares about at any given time.”
“There's discussion in athletics about how sport - where they say 'SportsCenter' has ruined the fundamentals of basketball because it's - it only applauds dunks and three point shots and blocks, and I think, you know, the cable news has done the same thing for politics.”
Dan Pfeiffer Quotes
“I think on a whole host of issues Washington tends to be a lagging indicator on public opinion.”
Dan Pfeiffer Quotes
“We absolutely look at larger trends and reactions on Twitter here at the White House.”
“From the day he took office, President Obama has been open to any good idea when it comes to the budget, as long as supporting middle-class families remains our North Star. Republicans won't extract concessions over the full faith and credit of the United States.”

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