Edy Ganem Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Edy Ganem quotes and sayings page 2 (actress). These are the last 4 out of 14 quotes we have for her.

Edy Ganem Quotes
“I like to stay in touch with the fans via social media a lot. I really get involved through Twitter and Instagram, if anyone wants to see what I'm doing.”
“I use my Bionic flat iron and hair dryer, all shampoo and conditioners are sulfate free, and keep the blow-drys to a minimum. If I can go two to three or even four days without washing my hair, I'll just go for it. I know, sounds gross, but otherwise, I'd be frying my hair.”
“Mainly, I have actually been getting involved with an organization called MALDEF. It's a Latino organization. And I would like to get involved with charities that have to do with children or homelessness or education, or all of them together.”
“No matter what you're doing. I feel that everyone has something different that moves them or that appeals to them. Maybe something in your family or maybe something in your life that happened that really pushes you for a specific cause - as long as there is something that you're doing.”

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