Evan Goldberg Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Evan Goldberg quotes and sayings page 2 (producer). These are the last 9 out of 19 quotes we have for him.

Evan Goldberg Quotes
“In the pie chart of my brain growing up, there's a huge slice for 'Ghostbusters.'”
Evan Goldberg Quotes
“'Lincoln' was OK; I thought it was a rock-solid eight out of 10, but it shouldn't win all the awards.”
Evan Goldberg Quotes
“The theater remains relevant because of 3D. It makes it an event. You go there, 400 people put on their glasses, and it's just fun.”
Evan Goldberg Quotes
“The thrill of doing visual effects doesn't exist.”
“As a director, you can't stop a guy if he thinks something's hysterical, because if you do, then he'll get depressed because he thinks he didn't come up with a good joke. So if a guy's going on some run and it's killing him, and he thinks it's hilarious, you gotta do enough so that he thinks you can use it in the movie.”
Evan Goldberg Quotes
“I can't wait for them to convert old movies to 3D. I am 100% confident I want them to convert 'Terminator 2' to 3D more than I want anything in the world.”
“I don't read good reviews. I like to know what percentages are going on. When Sony sends out something saying that people are liking the movie, I like to know that, but I don't actually sit and read the good stuff.”
“In America it's all, 'I'm gonna make something of myself, leave my tiny town and go to L.A!' Canadians are like, 'I'm gonna make something of myself, go to L.A., and then come right back again to hang out with my buddies!'”
Evan Goldberg Quotes
“The hardcore fanbase of nerds that live on the Internet are not nearly as powerful as I thought they were. They really, really aren't. They also flip-flop like mad.”

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