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Frank Black quotes and sayings page 3 (57 year old musician). Here's quote # 21 through 30 out of the 33 we have for him.

“I've made my records and I've done all the interviews. I've done lots of long tours. I've made stupid videos. I've done all that stuff and learned all the lingo and gone to radio stations and shmoozed with DJs on the air and met retail people.”
Frank Black Quotes
“If you're going to exude naivete, you can't really... walk out there like it's a Sting show. You can't be that well put together and then have this kind of innocent bravado.”
“I think everyone should sell whatever product they want to sell for whatever price they want to sell it for, but ultimately the market will dictate what it is and people will have to charge less money for everything. Record companies have been overcharging people for way too long and now this is the trouble that they're in.”
“I like visual images and there are certainly other bands that have strong visual images going all the way back to Elvis Presley, but it's kind of like that's never really been my bag. Probably because I'm too shy.”
“The dumber half of the audience - whether they're male or female, and a lot of them are male - for some reason responds very quickly to the feminine voice. How can I put it? They kind of instantly react to the female voice in a positive way quicker than they would the male voice.”
Frank Black Quotes
“But the truth is that critics are by definition critical. That's their job.”
Frank Black Quotes
“As soon as I got into music, I tried to be a working, real artist who gets paid for what he does, who doesn't have a day job.”
Frank Black Quotes
“I can remember back as far as age 8, performing with the Boston Folk Song Society. It was a Woody Guthrie song.”
Frank Black Quotes
“I have two step-kids and one of my own on the way. That's three college funds.”
Frank Black Quotes
“I listen to Neil Young and jazz and classical stations and, if my girlfriend's driving, it tends to be Hall & Oates.”

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