Paul McDonald Quotes & Sayings

6 most famous Paul McDonald quotes and sayings. He's a 33 year old American musician born on Aug 29, 1984.

Paul McDonald Quotes
“I don't want to be the cliche American Idol dude. I want to be different, you know - that's the whole goal, me and music. It's about being yourself and being unique.”
Paul McDonald Quotes
“If my life were a song, what would it be? 'A Never Ending Road of Musical Good Times'.”
“My favorite music to sing would be my own songs, my original songs, just because I know them, you know I write the tunes, so my favorite songs are the newest ones that I write. That's what I like to sing the most, because it means something, it's real, it comes from me.”
Paul McDonald Quotes
“They said just keep doing my thing, don't try to change anything, which I won't.”
“I sing both in my shower and in my car, mostly in my car, because I have this weird thing - whenever I'm singing to the radio - my friends kind of hate it - but I pick out the harmonies in my head, and I'm singing the harmonies to the tracks and I'm jamming it out.”
Paul McDonald Quotes
“I've been touring for so long, I've kind of honed into exactly what I am, I'm an artist so if you like it, you like it, if you don't you don't, you know?”

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