Ralph Macchio Quotes & Sayings

5 most famous Ralph Macchio quotes and sayings. He's a 56 year old American actor born on Nov 4, 1961.

Ralph Macchio Quotes
“The truth is, you have a much richer life if you somehow lead one that you can hold together.”
“Guys like Spielberg and Zemeckis and really anybody who is a storyteller-filmmaker today has studied Hitchcock and the way he visually tells a story. He was the master of suspense, certainly, but visually you would get a lot of information from what he would do with the camera and what he would allow you to see as the story was unfolding.”
Ralph Macchio Quotes
“I've come up in the scripted world, and I have wished there were more time slots for us to tell compelling scripted stories and not fill the airwaves with a lot of fluff and tabloid entertainment.”
“There's an audience out there for all these different types of things. Whether it's comedy, motion-picture drama, family movie or a cool, cutting-edge indie, it's nice to know that I can span all those different genres.”
“I remember making the all-star team in Little League when I was around 11 years old. I was not a great athlete, but I loved it, so making starting second base in the all-star was great for me. I think someone must have been sick and they slotted me in.”

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