Kathy Griffin Quotes & Sayings (Page 7)

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Kathy Griffin quotes and sayings page 7 (61 year old comedian). These are the last 5 out of 65 quotes we have for her.

Kathy Griffin Quotes
“The thing that bums me out about 'The Real World' is I don't want to believe that teenagers are that stupid.”
Kathy Griffin Quotes
“When I'm going to see a comedian, I don't want to see them hold back, and when I'm reading a book, I don't want to hear an abridged version.”
Kathy Griffin Quotes
“I'll be honest, there's a part of me that does think I'm held to a different standard than my contemporaries and peers, and it's a little frustrating.”
Kathy Griffin Quotes
“The thing that cracks me up is how these reality characters start out thrilled and excited just to be on television, and how they move to thinking they are as big as the Friends.”
“Well, I think that when I perform on the road I always thank the audience for buying a ticket because it's a big deal to buy a ticket for a live entertainment, get a baby-sitter and pay for the meal, the parking, whatever.”

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