Olivier Dahan Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Olivier Dahan quotes and sayings. He's a 53 year old French director born on Jun 26, 1967.

Olivier Dahan Quotes
“I don't read the critics.”
Olivier Dahan Quotes
“The difficulty with telling stories about real people is you have to find a way of mixing yourself into the matter.”
Olivier Dahan Quotes
“I don't like the actors to work together beforehand. I trust my intuition, and I like when the actors are the same.”
Olivier Dahan Quotes
“I started to think of Grace of Monaco as a metaphor for women in general.”
“Cannes is a sort of gladiators' arena, and that's the fun part of it. When you accept to come here to open the festival, you know you are going to be criticised. I have no problem with the fact that I expose myself and the movie, and it's normal that I can disagree with the way some people feel.”

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