Vivek Wadhwa Quotes & Sayings

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55 most famous Vivek Wadhwa quotes and sayings (businessman). These are the first 10 quotes we have.

“Corporate executives and business owners need to realize that there can be no compromise when it comes to ethics, and there are no easy shortcuts to success. Ethics need to be carefully sown into the fabric of their companies.”
Vivek Wadhwa Quotes
“A key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable management team.”
“Entrepreneurship is like a computer game in which you have to master every level before achieving success. Startups repeatedly stumble and have to go back to the drawing board. The best way to skip some levels and to increase the odds of survival is to learn from others who have already played the game.”
Vivek Wadhwa Quotes
“A key ingredient in innovation is the ability to challenge authority and break rules.”
Vivek Wadhwa Quotes
“An open-minded and diverse population that readily shares information, encourages experimentation, accepts failure and dispenses with formality and hierarchy is what makes Silicon Valley the successful hub that it is.”
Vivek Wadhwa Quotes
“What the tech industry often forgets is that with age comes wisdom. Older workers are usually better at following direction, mentoring, and leading.”
“What you want in a mentor is someone who truly cares for you and who will look after your interests and not just their own. When you do come across the right person to mentor you, start by showing them that the time they spend with you is worthwhile.”
“When I start getting embroiled in heated debates and feeling stressed, I just turn everything off and disconnect from the world. I simply tell my colleagues and friends that I am not well and need to cancel all meetings for a day or more. I take it easy - go for a long hike, take a vacation somewhere, or just stay at home and read.”
Vivek Wadhwa Quotes
“The truth is that entrepreneurship is more like a roller coaster ride than a cruise.”
Vivek Wadhwa Quotes
“Outsourcing was the bogeyman of the '90s. Protectionists portrayed it as an evil that would take American jobs away. Yes, some jobs did go offshore as people feared, but it made the global economic pie grow bigger.”

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