Dave Brubeck Quotes & Sayings (Page 4)

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Dave Brubeck quotes and sayings page 4 (deceased musician born on Dec 6, 1920). These are the last 7 out of 37 quotes we have for him.

Dave Brubeck Quotes
“Concord, California was a great place to grow up.”
Dave Brubeck Quotes
“My own Brubeck Institute in California is turning out fantastic young jazz players, and I know great things will happen.”
Dave Brubeck Quotes
“What I want to happen is to be really creative, and to play something new in the improvisations, every time.”
“It's like a whole orchestra, the piano for me. And also it's to me the greatest instrument. I shouldn't say that, but I believe that this is the only instrument I can really feel happy about playing.”
“Jazz isn't dead yet. It's the underpinning of everything in this country. Whether it's a Broadway show, or fusion, or right on through classical music, if it's coming out of the U.S., it's not going to survive unless it's got some jazz influence.”
“My dad was the manager at the 45,000-acre ranch, but he owned his own 1,200-acre ranch, and I owned four cattle that he gave to me when I graduated from grammar school, from the eighth grade. And those cows multiplied, and he kept track of them for years for me. And that was my herd.”
“I have more energy at the end than I do at the beginning. You can be so beat up that you can scarcely walk on stage but when you get to the piano the excitement kicks in, you forget about being tired.”

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