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Ryan Gosling quotes and sayings page 3 (43 year old actor). Here's quote # 21 through 30 out of the 56 we have for him.

“I don't like to be entertaining. I don't like the feeling of being entertaining. If there was a musical or a comedy that was not just for entertainment but was rooted in something I could relate to on a real level, then I think I would do it.”
Ryan Gosling Quotes
“I'm waiting to get old - I think old guys with tattoos look good.”
Ryan Gosling Quotes
“There's good things about going to church.”
“I feel it's important to show that one thing that you do doesn't define you as a human being. It doesn't mean there aren't ramifications or you shouldn't pay for that but its not who you are.”
Ryan Gosling Quotes
“If people want to put me up on their walls, I'll love it.”
“For me, I sort of felt like it was kind of a fairytale... but an interesting one. I don't know of anybody who has had a romance quite like this, but I certainly know people who have stuck it out.”
Ryan Gosling Quotes
“If you do one good thing, that doesn't define you either. Being around the kids in the juvenile center, they were engaging, they made us laugh but they were there for doing something terrible.”
“I think it's more interesting to see people who don't feel appropriately. I relate to that, because sometimes I don't feel anything at all for things I'm supposed to, and other times I feel too much. It's not always like it is in the movies.”
Ryan Gosling Quotes
“The theme for me is love and the lack of it. We all want that and we don't know how to get it, and everything we do is some kind of attempt to capture it for ourselves.”
“I like working with actresses, and I like women a lot, not for obvious reasons, but just in that that there's so much about what they bring to the scene that keeps it so interesting. Their instincts are so different, and they never explain them to you.”

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