Elizabeth Warren Quotes & Sayings

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125 most famous Elizabeth Warren quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 74 year old American public servant born on Jun 22, 1949.

Elizabeth Warren Quotes
“A good education is a foundation for a better future.”
“I get heartfelt thanks from all kinds of people. Today I heard from a waitress in Georgia who has lost her job and is trying to figure out how her local bank can change the terms on her credit card, and I heard from a physicist at a major research university who wants to explain a better theory of financial stress tests.”
“Americans are fighters. We're tough, resourceful and creative, and if we have the chance to fight on a level playing field, where everyone pays a fair share and everyone has a real shot, then no one - no one can stop us.”
Elizabeth Warren Quotes
“And that's how we build the economy of the future. An economy with more jobs and less debt, we root it in fairness. We grow it with opportunity. And we build it together.”
“I grew up in the Methodist church and taught Sunday school, and one of my favorite passages of scripture is, 'in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.' Matthew 25:40.”
Elizabeth Warren Quotes
“People feel like the system is rigged against them, and here is the painful part, they're right. The system is rigged.”
Elizabeth Warren Quotes
“It is critical that the American people, and not just their financial institutions, be represented at the negotiating table.”
“I'm still very connected to my family, to the world I grew up in. I understand what it means to be afraid that you can't pay a doctor's bill. Or to have to make the choice between buying a band uniform for a seventh-grader and making the insurance payment on time. That will never leave me. It was how I lived until I was well into my adult years.”
Elizabeth Warren Quotes
“A pension is nothing more than deferred compensation.”
Elizabeth Warren Quotes
“I pay for homeowner's insurance, I pay for car insurance, I pay for health insurance.”

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